Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

Where to Begin

Who can live at Pilgrims' House?
Students enrolled at University or other Tertiary Education Institution can apply to live at Pilgrims' House.

Do I need to be registered with a University to rent a room?
Yes, you will need to be registered at a University or a Tertiary Education Institution. This is a requirement to live at Pilgrims' House.

What do I need to qualify to stay at Pilgrims' House?
You need to be an enrolled student with a letter of acceptance from the University and have sufficient funds available for the deposit.

How do I apply?
Complete our online booking form and we will get back to you as soon as possible to let you know if your application has been successful.

How do I know if my application has been successful?
You will receive an email, confirming that your application has been successful.

What is the length of a lease?
We have 6 to 12 month lease agreements available - depending on the specific unit type. You then always have the option to renew the contract through entering a new contract. You can contact renewals@pilgrimshouse.nl to enquire about availability.

How do I know a room has been allocated to me?
You will receive a confirmation email once your application has been successful. This email will confirm which room has been allocated to you.

How are the rooms allocated?
Rooms are allocated based on specific requests and room availability.

How long after I graduate can I continue to rent my apartment?
Each request will be reviewed individually. An email request to confirm availability can be sent to renewals@pilgrimshouse.nl

What happens when I decide to cancel my application?
If you have signed an agreement you will remain responsible for payment until a suitable replacement tenant has been found. You can send an email to cancellations@pilgrimshouse.nl to cancel your application.


What fees are payable with my application?
There is a reservation fee applicable.

What fees are payable before I occupy my room?
A reservation fee, security deposit of 2 months, administrative cost for the rental contract and an advance final cleaning fee (to be utilised when you move out).

What is the deposit for?
The deposit covers future rental payments and acts as security for any damages to the property.

When will my deposit be refunded?
Your deposit will be refunded within a month of the final inspection being signed off by both the tenant and property manager.

Do I pay agency fees?
You will not pay any agency fees if you have booked directly through Pilgrims' House.

Can I pay advance for my stay?
Yes, you will receive a 2.5% reduction on the amount paid upfront. This will exclude your first month's rental.

What's Next?

When can I check / move in?
You need to book your check-in time online (see next question). You can move in on the first day of your rental agreement. Start dates will be indicated online when you do your application.

How do I book my check-in appointment and why is it important?
On receipt of your confirmation email confirming you have been allocated a room and on payment of the initial costs, you will get a link online which will allow you to choose a check-in time.

Where do I go to check-in on the date of my arrival?
You can come to the main reception at the building entrance on the ground floor. A member of our team will meet you there.

How do I access the building?
Our receptionist will open the building on arrival. Thereafter, your biometrics will be taken and you will be able to access the building via biometric lock. For certain mobile phones it is also possible to open the lock with your mobile.

How do I access my room?
Once your biometrics have been registered you will have access to your room. For certain mobile phones it is also possible to open the lock with your mobile.

Is there a pickup service when moving in and out?
No, but you can easily access the property from Leiden Train Station It is a short walking distance from the station. If needed there is also a taxi service at the train station. The trains are convenient when coming with up to two bags from Schiphol Airport. If you have more bags it is advisable to take a taxi to Pilgrims' House. Taxis are available at Schiphol Airport.

Do I need to vacate my room in the holidays?
No, as long as you have a valid rental contract you can occupy your room. We reserve the right to do room inspections during the holidays.

The Rooms

What is included in the room price?

The cost of the room is all-inclusive. It includes utilities, Wi-Fi, fully furnished rooms, bathrooms and kitchenettes.

The rooms will be fitted out with:
  • Bed and mattress
  • Wardrobe
  • En-suite bathroom
  • Blinds
  • Smart TV
  • Desk
  • Couch, table and chair (platinum units only)

The kitchens will be fitted with:
  • Fridge/freezer
  • Combi microwave with oven
  • Hob 2-burner with extractor hood
  • Dishwasher
  • Kettle

Linen and cutlery packages are available to purchase from Pilgrims' House

Can I choose a specific room and what room types are available?
You can request a specific room, however, we reserve the right to allocate you to a similar room depending on availability.

Can I bring my own furniture to the room?
The rooms will be fully furnished and additional furniture will not be allowed. You are however permitted to bring your own linen, crockery and cutlery. Alternatively, you can purchase these directly from Pilgrims' House.

Is linen included?
No, linen packages are available to purchase at an additional cost

What do I need to bring with me?
Linen, crockery, cutlery and your clothes!

Can I choose who I want to share my two bedroom apartment with?
We understand that friends want to live together and would try our utmost best to accommodate your request.

Why are there half-year room inspections and is it compulsory?
This inspection is done to make sure that the product we offer our students, remains in excellent condition. This inspection is compulsory.


What is the address of the building?
Schipholweg 101 L-U, 2316 XC Leiden, Netherlands.

How long does it take to get to Amsterdam?
Leiden Central station is a 2-minute walk from our building with frequent connections to Amsterdam. A train ride will take you approximately 20-30 minutes, depending which station you leave from.

How long does it take to get to Den Haag?
Den Haag is 15 - 20 minutes from the property.

How do I get to Pilgrims' House from the airport or train station?
There is a direct train from Schiphol Airport to Leiden. From Leiden Train Station it is a 500m walk to Pilgrims' House.

Can I register at the city to the address?
Yes, you can register to your room address once you have signed the rental contract. You cannot have someone else register to your address if they do not live at the property.

Do you have any other locations?
We are continuously acquiring and developing new properties. There are other properties in the pipeline being developed - more details will be shared on the website.

I have a good location for another development. Who do I contact about it?
You can contract us through an email to enquiry@pilgrimshouse.nl. This will then get redirected to the appropriate investment team.

How do I see when other locations open?
This will be communicated through our website or on social media.

Additional Services

Do you have parking available?
We do not have vehicle parking available at Pilgrims' House. There is paid parking throughout Leiden for temporary parking. For permanent parking, it is advisable to go to the Leiden Gemeente and to request a right of parking in an area for a year. This normally costs 50-100 Euro per year. Limited slots are available at the Gemeente and this is subject to availability.

For getting around in Leiden, it is recommended to get a bicycle or walk, as everything is close by. The public transport in Leiden is also very good.

There is an on-demand car rental service in Leiden called Green Wheels (www.greenwheels.nl). These cars are available throughout Leiden and you pay for them per use. This is a good solution for those that have a very low need for a car.

What other services can I apply for together with applying for my room?
Your room is all inclusive of the services that are available. We are continuously improving availability of services and will notify you if new ones become available.

Is there extra storage space available?
No, the only space available is your room.

Is there a gym on site?
Yes, there is a gym on the ground floor that is fully serviced.

Is Wi-Fi available?
Yes, Wi-Fi is available and uncapped, subject to fair usage.

Is Wi-Fi paid for? What is the limit?
Wi-Fi is included in your rental price. There is no limit, but it is subject to fair usage.

Does Pilgrims' House offer on-site laundry facilities?
There are on site laundry and drying machines, which can be used at an additional charge.

Who is responsible for washing linen?
You will be given a set of linen when you move in. You are responsible for cleaning it throughout your rental agreement and returning it cleaned at the end of your rental period.

Is there bicycle storage?
Yes, each tenant has one space indoors.

Is bicycle rental possible?
Not from us, but you can rent a bike from SwapFiets (www.swapfiets.nl) or Easy Fiets (www.easyfiets.nl) from between 10-20 Euro per month. This is common in Leiden.

What happens if I order something online?
Your package will be delivered to the reception at the property. You will get a notification to fetch it.

How do I send a package?
You can do this via the use of the Postal Services. There is a Jumbo at the train station (500m away) that offers the service.

Does Pilgrims' House provide meals?
No, you have a kitchenette to prepare meals. There are plenty of supermarkets that also provide affordable meals that you can easily prepare in your kitchen. There are also many restaurants available throughout Leiden.

How do I report maintenance issues?
You send an email to maintenance@pilgrimshouse.nl. We will attend to the issue as soon as possible.

What do I do in case of an emergency or security breach?
You can phone the Property Manager. The phone number for this will be provided upon check in.

Are there any snacks in the building?
There will be a vending machine in the main lobby of the building.


What policies are in place to minimize the risk?
Common areas are cleaned regularly. Residents are asked to obey to current RIVM rules in the Netherlands.

On check-in you will be given a specific time slot that you need to stick to in order to minimize the amount of people in the lobby. Viewing of rooms is only done on an appointment basis and only with 1-2 persons being allowed in the building.

All visitors, including those coming to do a viewing need to sign a register and confirm they have no COVID-19 symptoms. Any visitors coming into the building have to sanitize their hands with the available hand sanitizer.

What happens if I cannot attend the university due to COVID-19?
The normal procedure for cancelling the agreement will apply, but we will do our best to be accommodative if the reason is truly due a restriction as a result of COVID-19 on mobility.

What happens if I test positive for COVID-19?
You will need to follow the RIVM Guidelines. You will be asked to self-isolate. A staff member will assist to make the experience as easy as possible. If there is a serious condition then the hospital is within 500m of the property.

Are there hand sanitizing stations?
There will be hand sanitizers in common areas. You have to sanitize your hands upon entering the building.

House Rules

List of House Rules:

House Rules (as part of art. 15 of the rental agreement)

The tenant is not permitted:
  • To disturb or cause any trouble for the landlord and/or third parties from the leased property. This includes the immediate surrounding area of the leased property;
  • To cause any blockage to the sewerage system; construction defects will not be attributed to the tenant;
  • To grow or keep cannabis in the leased property, in any quantity;
  • To use the leased property for activities that contravene the law.

Except with the prior written permission from the landlord, the tenant is not permitted:
  • To sublet or allow one or more third parties to use all or part of the leased property;
  • To keep pets or other animals in the leased property;
  • To breed, grow, keep or trade pets or animals in the leased property;
  • To practice a professional business and/or business activities in the leased property;
  • To walk on the roofs of the leased property or those of neighbouring premises
  • To store materials in the garden belonging to the leased property (where applicable);
  • To make material changes to the leased property and any facilities belonging to the leased property;
  • To install hard floor coverings that are likely to constitute a noise nuisance for surrounding residents.

Are there any rules regarding noise?
Residents are required to be courteous to each other. From 22:00 in the evenings there should be no noise that negatively impacts other tenants on the levels where people are living. From 23:00 excessive noise in the common area on the ground floor needs to be limited.

Can I have a pet in my room?
No, unless you have an animal for disability reasons (e.g. guide dog for visually impaired).

Are pets allowed in the building?
No, unless a special exception has been made.

What is the penalty for breaking House Rules?
In severe cases breaking house rule can be seen as breach of contract in which case the tenant will need to vacate their room.

Can I smoke in my room?
Smoking is not allowed. Smoking in the building is grounds for having your rental contract cancelled.

May I invite friends over?
Yes you can. However, they cannot stay over and have to abide by the House Rules. You take ultimate responsibility for guests. A contravention by them can result in your contract being cancelled.

May friends or family sleep over?
No, your room is just for you. You can email the property manager if there is a special circumstance, who will assess the circumstance on a case by case basis.

Is there a curfew?
For noise yes, but the building is open 24/7.

Can I sublease my room?
This is not allowed under any circumstances and is grounds for contract cancellation.

The Vibe

What activities are organized by the building?
The building manager will from time to time arrange social events to be held at the property or in Leiden.

Does Pilgrims' House hold events?
The building manager will from time to time arrange social events to be held at Pilgrims' House or in Leiden. Events held at Pilgrims' House will take into account all residents during these events.

How do I keep up to date with news and events?
There is a billboard at reception and you will receive emails.

What does Pilgrims' House do in terms of sustainability?
We try to do our best to limit waste, including electricity and water. We also partake in all recycling programs available and practical in Leiden.

You're leaving

When do I need to check-out?
The check-out date is stipulated on your contract.

How do I schedule a check-out inspection?
You need to notify the property manager of your check-out via email and schedule an appointment for it. This will only take place during weekday business hours.

Why do I need to attend a check-out inspection?
You need to sign off, with the property manager, on the final inspection report. This is also your chance to make sure the process is factually correct. This will be the final exit inspection.

What happens if I want to terminate my contract early?
If you have signed an agreement you will remain responsible until a suitable replacement tenant has been found. You can send an email to cancellations@pilgrimshouse.nl to apply to cancel your application.